Pre Wedding Shoot London – Rajee & Kamal

Pre Wedding Shoot London St Pauls - RBKA-0456

Pre Wedding Shoot London – Rajee & Kamal

Here are some images from Rajee & Kamal’s Pre Wedding Shoot in London.

We started off at the Boating lake in Regents Park where we got to witness Kamal’s exceptionally bad rowing skills. He’s probably the only person I know who can row for ages and still stay in the same spot.. and not to mention making the boat travel sideways.. apparently it was the wind that was making it difficult for him.. Yes Kamal, we believe you! That very mild wind that couldn’t move a paper boat was a major hindrance. I guess he knew how bad it will be because he was reluctant to get into a rowing boat and initially opted for a pedalo. But we weren’t having none of it and convinced him to get a rowing boat instead. So glad he agreed eventually!

After that side-splitting escapade we decided to rescue Kamal from further embarrassment and headed over to St Pauls and London Bridge for the rest of the shoot. We thought it best to keep him on dry land.

Joking aside, Rajee & Kamal were an awesome couple to work with. We had fun from start to finish.

London Pre Wedding Shoot Regents Park - RBKA-0025

You need to row with both oars Kamal!

Pre Wedding Shoot London Regents Park - RBKA-0039

CRASH!! BANG! WALLOP!! Look at all the space around you!? DOH!!!

Pre Wedding Shoot London Regents Park - RBKA-0094

Yep, you’re getting the hang of it now.. Concentrate!

London Pre Wedding Photography Regents Park - RBKA-0097

And He’s away.. Wohoo.. finally got there.. lol

London Pre Wedding Photography Regents Park - RBKA-0171

Pre Wedding Photography London Regents Park - RBKA-0186

Pre Wedding Photography London Regents Park - RBKA-0241

Pre Wedding Shoot London Royal Exchange - RBKA-0318

Pre Wedding Shoot London Royal Exchange - RBKA-0333

Pre Wedding Shoot London Royal Exchange - RBKA-0350

Pre Wedding Shoot London St Pauls - RBKA-0511

Pre Wedding Shoot London St Pauls - RBKA-0630

Pre Wedding Shoot Virginia Water Surrey - Komal and Krishan
London Pre Wedding Shoot - Shital & Jay

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  1. Phillip Brunelle

    26th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    very nice photos, good quality and very vibrant!

  2. Tom Hawkins

    21st Jun 2011
    / Reply

    A very beautiful couple enhanced perfectly with great photographs.

  3. SalShan

    13th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Another fine set of images Jay - damn, you just keep getting better and better all the time! Well done.

  4. Jay

    10th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Thanks for the comments everyone..

    Rajee.. See, what was there to be nervous about? You look wonderful.. Can't wait to capture your wedding.. only 10 more days to go.. :-)

  5. Adam

    10th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    amazing set dude, love the shadow one.

  6. Jasmeen

    9th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Jay you have outdone yourself yet again! The shadow is ingenious... simply loving yours and Shuhenaz' work! :)

  7. Amrit

    8th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Lovely blend of contemporary and traditional.

  8. Sanjay D Gohil

    8th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    JHoque - Mr Creative ;)

  9. Rajee

    8th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Wow!!! This pic came out amazing... thank you :)
    Thank you both for capturing the 'moment', was so much fun from the start. Looking forward to seeing the rest... :o)

  10. Erum Rizvi

    7th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Jay - i Love these! love the yellow wall and shadow!

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