London Pre Wedding Shoot – Shital & Jay

London Pre Wedding Shoot-SRJJ-0001

London Pre Wedding Shoot – Shital & Jay

Here are few images from Shital & Jay’s London Pre Wedding Shoot.

What can we say about Shital and Jay, throughout the entire shoot they made us laugh to the point we had to take constant 5 minute breaks just to get our jaws back in place. Jay kept larking around, which was funny in itself, but Shital added to it by her constant retaliation of “Shtop it Shtoopid” in a very strong fresh Indian accent.. I just want to point out that Shital doesn’t normally talk like that.. She was putting it on.. lol..

Then there was Shital’s complaints about her neck aching from looking up at Jay all the time. Compared to the rest of us that day, the man is a bloody giant! We played on his height and brought along a couple of Yellow Pages just to help Shital out a bit.. :-)

And the funniest thing was, Jay had an entire lengthy route planned for the day, but by the end of the shoot we realised that we hadn’t moved more than a 400 meter radius from our starting point. That’s how much we got carried away.. lol..

During the Pre wedding consultation Jay mentioned that he liked old movies, so we went out and got him a hat to try and replicate an old movie poster. The original idea was to get a bowler hat and cane and make Jay look like Charlie Chaplin, but it proved difficult to get hold of one in the time we had. So, as a contrast to Jay’s personality, we went for the more serious look.

It was an absolute joy working with them both and we can’t wait to shoot their wedding.

London Pre Wedding Shoot -SRJJ-0004

London Pre Wedding Shoot -SRJJ-0005

London Pre Wedding Shoot -SRJJ-0014

London Pre Wedding Shoot -SRJJ-0015

London Pre Wedding Shoot -SRJJ-0021

London Pre Wedding Shoot -SRJJ-0022

London Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0028

London Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0041

London Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0043

Asian Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0048

Asian Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0049

Asian Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0061-0011

Asian Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0064

Asian Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0065

Asian Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0067

Asian Pre Wedding Photography -SRJJ-0070-72

Pre Wedding Shoot London - Rajee & Kamal
Pre Wedding Photography The Grove - Nishi & Ravi

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  1. leo leung

    26th Aug 2012
    / Reply

    I come to london at 6th oct-2012 with my girlfriend ,and i want to take pre wedding photo with my girlfriend ,please tell me detail and prices as soon as possible

    • Jay

      27th Aug 2012
      / Reply

      @Leo Leung - Please check you email. I've sent you a reply. :-)

  2. Diego Molina

    26th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Your work is just amazing and inspiring.

  3. Mathilde

    24th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Awesome photographs! And they look so cute together!

  4. Katie Harris

    23rd Jun 2011
    / Reply

    I love the first photo! The reflections are great!

  5. Guv - Topaz Media

    21st Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Amazing Images... Keep it up!

  6. Tony Viola

    19th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Wow, those look like some really professional photos. I have to say I've never seen these types of photos used in a wedding setting. It seems much more magazine quality rather than show my grandkids quality.

  7. Sailesh Makwana

    16th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Lovely set bro! Keep it up!

  8. Jay

    15th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Thanks everyone.. :-)

    Shital - We're glad you like them. More coming soon. Will let you know soon as they're ready.

  9. J Dhillon

    15th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Amazing work!!!

  10. Sanjay D Gohil

    15th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Looking great bro!

  11. Shital

    14th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    hey guys!
    had to have a look as soon as i got your text, these are sooo cool, especially love the one of Jay at the end, can't wait to see more! Jay's in NY now, but hopefully he'll be able to see them after work, he can't wait either!

  12. Bhavik

    14th Jun 2011
    / Reply

    Excellent set of images! Love the second and last two images, good stuff guys!

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